Monday, March 19, 2012

What's your sign...

One of the things about this house that drives me absolutely crazy is that there is no restroom access from a public room. There is one in the master bedroom, a jack-and-jill between the two guest rooms, and one in the office/craft room. It seems that guests are always having to ask where they can... umm... freshen up. For some reason this strikes me as kind of I only begrudgingly share my home's comforts.

The half bath in the office is the closest to being easily accessible for guests, since the office is right off of the kitchen.  Even people who have been here before forget which door leads to their destination, so I thought it needed some kind of sign.  

I really like this one, but honestly, I don't think that all of my guests would recognize its meaning. 

I considered that this could kind of do double duty...but thought that some of my guests might not appreciate my sense of humor.

I finally decided that I couldn't go far wrong with the international signage symbol.  I pulled a 99 cent framed wooden plaque from my craft stash, and painted the frame white and the background in a color really close to the wall color.  I found the 'international symbol' online, printed it out on cardstock, and cut out the little people with an Exacto and discarded them.  Then I used the cardstock background as a stencil and sponged on white paint. 

There.  Though some may find it tacky, there's not much chance of missing the correct path.

So what do you think...weird or helpful?
PS: Now I just need to make the black hole of a craft zone presentable enough so that I'm not mortified when someone walks in there.


  1. That is odd, isn't it? I've never heard of hiding bathrooms!

    Surprising that the guest bath doesn't have an exterior door!

  2. Helpful, but quirky, I'd go for. Definitely not weird.

  3. Sent you an email with an alternate sign! Actually the sign is the same only more colourful... it's just the english translation that leaves a bit to be...

  4. Oh, I love it! I know a man designed your house too! My house has no linen closet! Men don't think about the details!

  5. Oh, V, I have a linen closet, but it is completely unworkable! The shelves are only about 5 or 6 inches apart! And there was TONS of wiring in there...'he' thought an electronics closet was more important than linen, I guess.


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