Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I distinctly remember a question asked one morning in a Sunday School class I attended.  Are you a dreamer of dreams, or a doer of deeds?  I thought about that for awhile before deciding that I was a dreamer of deeds.  I plan to accomplish a lot of things, but action frequently fizzles in the planning stage, or gets pushed behind something of a higher priority.  But like a lot of people, I always do better when I make a list and can scratch through the tasks I actually finish.

I have a real issue with finding just the right calendar/planner too.  I usually end up making my own.  That way I can feel like I'm accomplishing something, even if I am just planning to plan.  The one I just finished will give me a monthly calendar page, and then facing that a weekly task page.  I can keep track of things I want to blog about as well as tasks around the house.  And then at the end of the year, they can go in a 3-ring binder as a sort of work journal.

And if you're wondering why I am just getting this little project done two and a half months into the know...

But now I can scratch it off my list!

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  1. This is a great idea, you would never find one of these. I usually end up with an old notebook of some sort and no I have yet to start one for 2012..and so much is happening. My son-in-law is finally improving but it is so slow. See you on pinterest.


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