Friday, March 2, 2012

Creative recycling...

Call me crazy (okay, that's enough, you can stop now), but I get a lot of satisfaction from the most mundane kinds of creativity.

Enter my trusty paper trimmer and corner rounder punch...

Lately whenever I empty a box of cereal, or crackers, or chocolate covered cherries (Valentine's Day candy), I flatten the box, and then cut it into 7 inch by 1.5 inch pieces.  I love the packaging graphics, so I try to get as many pretty pieces as I can out of the box.  Then I round the corners.

They make great bookmarks...a nice weight...not too bulky...and I never have to worry if I lose one.  This week I sent a bunch to a friend who is an avid recycler and reader.  I thought they would make her happy too.


  1. What a great/clever idea... I'm always loosing my bookmarks.. because they are usually scraps of paper that suddenly become my husbands grocery lists!

    How heavy paper does that paper cutter cut... would it cut 24 guage copper?

  2. I commented on this before I scrolled down.... Where's the scarf picture... it's now March.... I'm suppose to be working but it started to pour rain just as I was thinking of going back to work... so now I'm procrastinating!


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