Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two tips...

These are my expensive progressive lens prescription glasses.

These are my expensive progressive lens prescription glasses viewed under an Ott Light full spectrum light.

Tip #1:  Ott Light products are extremely helpful when working on projects where good lighting can assist visibility.

Tip #2: Do NOT wear your expensive prescription glasses when spray painting...especially on a breezy day! 

I spray painted a week and a half ago, and have cleaned my glasses many times in the interim.  I never noticed the fine spray of paint on them until I happened to take them off under the Ott Light.  I have noticed that things haven't been as in focus as I like.

I've tried using my fingernail to gently scrape the specks off.  I've washed them in hot water and soap.  I've tried wiping them with a microfiber cloth.

Obviously the glasses are wearable, and the specks aren't noticeable since I've worn them for a week and a half without seeing them.  That doesn't mean I don't feel like an idiot.


  1. I use Wipe N Clear that I buy at WalMart to get stiff hairspray off my glasses. You could also take them in to your eye doctor's office. They have special cleaners to get off almost anything. Hope this helps.

  2. Oh, Rita, thanks SO much for the suggestions. I think taking them back to the dr's office is my last resort just because I feel like such an idiot for letting this happen.

  3. No, make that trip to the OD office FIRST!
    If you have any coatings on your lenses, any type of non-lens solutions may break down the coatings…

    Your OD's office is use to "seeing" these sorts of things!

  4. Okay, Terri. I trust your 'frame' of reference. :) But if they laugh or give me a hard time, I'm blaming you!


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