Thursday, March 1, 2012

Marking another one off the list...

Here's something that has been on the old to-do list for far too long.  And why?  It only takes maybe five minutes.

 And don't get excited, that's not my toothbrush there in the middle.  I use that extra soft toothbrush to give a final brush to my eyebrows after I fill them in...kind of softens up any hard lines.  The other brushes are all from Bare Minerals.  I love their brushes and their makeup. It goes on so quickly, and in the South Texas heat and humidity it doesn't sweat right off. 

When I first started using makeup brushes, I heard that you should wash them with baby shampoo.  I tried that, but after sudsing and rinsing several times, they still didn't seem really clean.  So I got out my bottle of Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile liquid soap.  I use a drop (literally) in the palm of my hand and suds up the brush in a circular motion in my hand and then rinse well.  They are miraculously clean in no time.  Now I never use anything but Dr. Bronner's on them. (It's good for cleaning all kinds of other things too, so I buy it in the BIG bottle, but they have small bottles too.  It lasts forever.  I've had the bottle above for years.)

I dry the brushes by rubbing the bristles well on a clean wash cloth. Then I lay them out on another clean and dry wash cloth to air dry.

Ahhh.  Don't they look nice and clean? I forgot that the eye shadow and eyeliner brushes were supposed to have white tips.  :) 

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