Friday, March 9, 2012


Just thought I'd share a card that I made last night.  My coworker is always eager to see the cards that I make before I seal them in their envelopes and drop them in the mail.  So when she mentioned that her granddaughter's birthday was coming up, I said that I would love to make a card for her.  I asked if there was anything that her granddaughter particularly liked, and she said, 'Just reading, really.'  And since the birthday girl's gifts from her family are to be a Kindle and an Amazon gift card, I knew that would make a good theme for her card.  So I used a printed page in the construction, of course.

The majority of the time spent in making this card went into the assembly of a teeny-tiny book.  I cut the covers from pasteboard and covered them, mitering the corners. Then I fan folded the inside pages, so it would expand with a birthday greeting.  I wanted to put it on the front of the card, but it didn't quite seem to find a home there, so I glued those covers which I had taken meticulous care making and glued them to the inside of the card where they hardly show.  But it does reveal the greeting when the card is opened.

My coworker never minces her words.  They may not always be what you want to hear, but you know they convey her genuine feelings.  So I was very happy when she said how much she liked it.

A valuable compliment in deed.

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