Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Today I am...

Writing down my list of goals and to-do's for the week.

Listening to my husband in the other room completing chores that he just does...without ever writing them down.

Knitting a hat to replace son's favorite one that is misplaced.

Smelling the wonderful scent of a curry coming from the slow cooker.

Feeling my stomach growling.

Patting myself on the back for having all the meals planned and mostly prepped while the kitchen is out of service.

Thinking about Christmas preparations.

Putting the flag up on my mailbox.

Kicking myself that I am late getting several cards mailed.

Thinking about cleaning off my desk.


  1. So are lists your secret for getting things done? I must do this--I seem to have such a malaise that I cannot even get started!
    Curry is one of my favorite dishes and "smells" in the world! I serve it with my very favorite Jasmine rice! My hubby does not love curry, but he sure does love the rice! Oh yeah, and he can work circles around me! While I am trying to figure out where to start, he is finishing his tasks!

  2. V, if my husband thought a list was my secret for getting things done, he would make me one! :) I have been SO unmotivated lately. Of course, I have been tired out from watching him...such a busy, busy bee! I just don't feel like cleaning a thing until all remodeling work is complete...the clouds of drywall dust and the layers of it on everything! ugh.

  3. I am pretty good if I make a list. Actually, mine would look and read similar to yours.

    To stop stomach growling - make my Peanut Butter Cookies - so gooood!

  4. Joolz! Torture my why don't you! I have no oven at the moment, and I'm yearning to bake something!!! :)

  5. Cleaning off the desk? Oh, me too. I try so hard, and as soon as I do it, the pile builds up once again. Hate it.

  6. Hi, Caroline. As yet, desk has eluded cleaning...or rather I have eluded desk cleaning. :)


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