Saturday, November 15, 2014

Demolition men...

This is how it was left when Carey went back to work a week ago.

Carey and Jared back at it yesterday morning.

The last upper cabinet coming down.

Clean slate...or rather it will be when the horrid slate backsplash comes down...which is proving difficult.  The plumber was here yesterday and did some necessary work.  The electrician will be here tomorrow to give it a look, then will come back to do the work on another day soon.  THEN we can schedule the cabinet installation (they were delivered this week, and are waiting in the garage).

Now I have to choose a countertop material.  Today I narrowed it down to these two.  One of the above is laminate, and one is granite...can you guess which is which?  I really thought I wanted laminate, because: it can look very similar; we have never been hard on countertops as far as burns, scratches, etc.; it's less expensive; and just seems less...snobby?  But after looking at the edge options today, I didn't like any of the laminate edge choices.  Also, I would really like an undermount sink, and those are not really suited to be paired with laminate countertops.  So I'm going to think about it for a few days.  Any thoughts or advice?


  1. One on the left is the granite because it has a garnet in it...(that's my story and I'm sticking too it! Didn't know that you were redoing the kitchen'' love the window in the end wall.. I like the under mount sink the water doesn't run under the edges.. Waiting to see progress pictures!

  2. You are correct. :) The electrician just left. He confirmed my long-held conviction that whoever built this house did some screwy stuff! He will be back later this week to work.

  3. The shape of the kitchen is really nice, as is the window. I will be back to see the end result :)

  4. Granite isn't the environmentally correct choice (because of labor and shipping) but it has the advantage of being able to put hot and cold dishes on it with no hot pad or trivet…Even if you are not hard on counters, that is convenient. For resale, folks today do like granite. Did you look at quartz or concrete? They would have a different look.

    Both of your choices look nice. The edges do matter.

    I hate proving I am not a robot when I write on these blogs. What if I want to pretend I am one?

  5. Zambian Lady, glad you dropped by. Thanks for leaving a comment and the compliments. Looking forward to see what you think of the finished project.

    Kfilk, we looked at quartz...I would choose laminate over quartz. Not crazy about concrete.

    Sorry about the word verification, but I've had nasty spam problems in the past when I turned it off.

  6. I would probably go with granite - we had it in our last two houses, and I do miss being able to put down hot pans wherever I want to - not sure how I've avoided inadvertently burning my laminate worktops so far. I think I'm going with quartz when we do our kitchen (hopefully next year), just for a change.

  7. Thanks, Caroline. That's how I'm leaning too.


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