Sunday, November 16, 2014

Family fun...

So I saw the above image on Pinterest.  It is from a post from thedatingdivas of creative Christmas card ideas.  I couldn't track down who the original image belonged to, so I want to apologize for using it without proper credit.  LOVE the idea!  I wanted to try it so bad, because a) we have plenty of people in the family, and b) Kasey's house has the perfect vantage point to get an overhead shot like it.

Tonight was the family Sunday dinner, so I managed to talk them into giving it a trial run.  Chandler wasn't home, so we will have to do another session when we can get them all together.  I wanted to see if it would work out with the dark background of their stained-concrete floors.  If it hadn't been in the least workable, we wouldn't have to try to schedule a time when everyone could be in the same place at the same work schedules and shared parenting can make this a challenge.

I talked them into all throwing on white t-shirts, and most were in blue jeans already.  Now we can think about what clothing we want to use for a finish photo.  And I will take my good camera, as tonight's photos turned out a little blurry with the phone.  

Even if we don't do it again, it was a fun experiment...lots of laughs and general hilarity.  Bobby was very brave and a good sport to lie there, as he was the one who would have been hit by the camera if I had dropped it.  He brought it up, so I know he was thinking it.  :)

Oh, and Diego wanted to be the one from the inspiration photo with the 'B' over his face, so I Photoshopped it in especially for him.


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