Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday and snail mail...

Saturday snail mail of the incoming variety!  What a treat to get two cards from two dear friends on the same day.  And while I was writing this post I got an email from another sweet friend I hadn't heard from for awhile!  My day is filled with awesomeness!

Yesterday was a work-around-the-house day.  I swiffered all the hard floors.  I am doing very well with my 2017 goal to swiffer one room daily, though I find it very hard to stop at one.  I mean it's so easy, and why not get more mileage out of the cloth?  Between Rudy's short hair shedding and my long hair shedding, there is always plenty to pick up.  Boy is it nice to walk through the house and not be seized with guilt from spying fuzzy corners!

I also steam cleaned the hallway floor and vacuumed the living room and laundry room rugs.  I bathed Rudy, cleaned his ears, shook out his bedding, and vacuumed his kennel.  I'll trim his nails this evening.  He was too wound up after his bath, and I was too wound down!  I needed a shower and shampoo of my own after all that.

Today I cleaned out the top drawer of my kitchen freezer.  I try to make a big container full of my 'magic' ice at a time, and I've been storing it in the laundry room freezer.  That wasn't very handy, so I wanted to have room in the kitchen freezer to store it.  The top drawer is now sparkling and holding my ice.  In the process I pulled out some long-ago-purchased frozen fruit and used it to make smoothies.  The bottom drawer is still a total disaster, but I'll worry about that tomorrow...or the next day.

I have Honey Garlic Chicken in the slow cooker, and it smells SO good!  

So though it rained overnight, and the skies have been gloomy all day, I am happily keeping busy at home.  And now I think I will go read for awhile.  :)

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  1. That's a busy Saturday! I'll bet the Honey Garlic Chicken was delicious. I've seen several versions of the recipe and I've thought about modifying it (can't have honey on the Whole 30) but then what's the point? Honey-less Garlic Chicken doesn't sound quite as appetizing!


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