2017 Goals...

Last year's goals list worked pretty well, so I'm keeping it very similar with minor tweaking.

Write it down -- continue with weekly listing goals and to-dos...this is the best way of keeping me on track and making progress  

Finances -- focus on frugality, weekly blog post for accountability (It did keep me thinking about it when I knew I had to blog weekly, so I guess I will keep it up.)

Home -- Swiffer one room daily (My sole focus this year.  I figure the rest will fall in place)

Reduce possessions -- Sell ten items

Quilting -- complete ten quilts/quilted projects  (because, you know, if you fail at six, try ten next time)  [4 projects completed as of April]

Water -- drink 36 ounces of water daily (over and above other beverages consumed)

2017 Reading Challenge -- COMPLETED 11/24/2017!

52 Letters in 52 Weeks

Quilting To-Dos  Breakdown:

⬜Autumn Throw
     § piece back of autumn throw
     § take autumn throw to quilter
     § bind autumn throw
⬜Gray/Yellow Quilt
     § put borders on gray/yellow quilt?
     § piece back of gray/yellow quilt
     § take gray/yellow quilt to quilter
     § bind gray/yellow quilt
⬜Black/White JRR Quilt
     § find backing for b/w quilt
     § buy batting for b/w quilt
     § take b/w quilt to quilter
     § bind b/w quilt
⬜Blue JRR Quilt
     § add accent strip to blue quilt
     § find backing for blue quilt
     § buy batting for blue quilt
     § take blue quilt to quilter
     § bind blue quilt
⬛Gray/Turquoise Baby Quiilt
     § machine quilt G/T baby quilt
     § bind G/T baby quilt
⬛Bright JRR Quilt
     § bind bright JRR quilt
⬛Flower Garden
     § bind and label flower garden quilt
⬜Vintage Bow Tie Quilt
     § hand quilt bow tie quilt
     § bind bow tie quilt
⬜Christmas Wall Hanging
     § pin Christmas wall hanging
     § quilt Christmas wall hanging
     § bind Christmas wall hanging
     § add lights to Christmas wall hanging
     § deliver Christmas wall hanging
⬛Christmas Table Topper
     § bind Christmas Table Topper
⬜Bobby's B&W Large HST Star
     piece top
     add border
     buy backing and join if necessary
     buy batting
     take b/w hst star quilt to quilter
     bind b/w hst star quilt
⬜Chandler's quilt
     choose pattern
     choose fabric
     piece top
     buy backing and join if necessary
     buy batting
     take to be quilted

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