Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dot, dot, dot...

Santa brought me an echo dot for Christmas.  I am the world's worst at getting things out of their box or bag and getting them set up.  So I put it on my to-do list this week.  Sometimes the promise of scratching through chores with my pink pen upon completion is what it takes to get me moving.

This morning I got it set up without too much trouble except for having to search out a power strip when the only reachable outlet seemed to have only one working plug.  I have been amusing myself all day by walking through the room and asking Alexa to tell me a joke.  :)

   edited to add sample:  A limbo champion walked into a bar.
                                       He was immediately disqualified.

Striking while the iron was hot, I searched out the fire TV stick that has been languishing in its box since it arrived over a year ago...blush...I told you I was the worst about getting things out of their packaging and into use.  My technological mojo is in fine form today, as the fire TV stick is now set up as well.  (In my defense, I procrastinated so on this job, because I had a bit more trouble getting another one set up previously on another television.)

Having two dreaded jobs marked off the to-do list, as well as several loads of laundry done, I am now happily binge watching Dr. Thorne.


  1. Replies
    1. The impressive part was that I actually could find that fire TV stick! LOL

  2. So what channel is Dr.Thorne on? I LOVE Mozart in the Jungle. Check it out with either of your Fire Sticks on Amazon Original.

    1. I watched it on Amazon Prime. Not sure how it aired originally.

  3. good for you getting all your techno stuff set up. Do you like your echo? Looks like fun

    1. I haven't really used it much yet. I bought it specifically to use with a really good radio that I have. But the radio turns off when it's been 'asleep' for awhile. It sort of negates the hands-free operation when I have to walk over to turn the radio on every time. On the other hand, I get to enjoy Amazon Prime Music over great speakers.


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