Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Caitlyn kind of day...

Caitlyn came over for her individual-attention day with us.

The first thing on her list of things to do was make a card to send to her great-grandmother.  Apparently the card that Chloe sent last week got her a letter from Ma by return mail, and it made an impression.  Caitlyn decided that she wanted to have a photo of herself on the front of the card, so we went out and took a few head shots, and settled on this one.

The inside of the card had a stamped message and a handwritten one too.  She also drew a picture that I thought was adorable.  It's of her and Ma...and she gave Ma white hair.  (love!)  She is already signing her name by dotting the 'i' with a heart.

Then we made a headband from a kit we got as a giveaway from Stephanie.  We didn't get a good photo of it, because we were pressed for time...such a full agenda today...but she is wearing it in the photo below.  She already has a design in mind for another one to make next time.

She and Papa got to play outside while I got even more crafty stuff ready. We also made the obligatory trip to Sonic. If you look close you can see the remains of the Oreo Sonic Blast around her mouth in the photo below with the turkey. :) 

I've been wanting to make some 2x4 turkey decorations with the girls ever since I saw them on Ucreate last year!  Carey prepared the wood pieces for us, and Caitlyn and I painted and sanded and glued to our hearts' content.  Didn't it turn out awesome?  I have a feeling it will be among their fall decorations for a long time.  Chloe will get to make one next weekend.

We didn't have a lot of photo-taking time, because we were so busy creating all afternoon.  It was a DE-light-ful day!


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