Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome to my parlor...

Renewing a Halloween tradition that started when our kids were little, Carey and I spent yesterday morning constructing a giant spider web in Kasey's front yard as a surprise for the littles when they got home from school.  This year I found an awesome giant spider with wiry legs that was perfect for this project.

It was totally worth it to see their reactions.  (I actually think Kasey liked it best of all.) 

We are expecting a cold front to arrive tomorrow.  We shall see if our work survives the winds!


  1. I love the fun side of Halloween--it reminds me of trick or treating and how much fun it was to go to homes that were decorated! Love the spider! The trick or treaters will too!

  2. Your blog is beautiful! You should really teach a class on, "how to blog beautifully."
    Love and Miss you too!!
    Oh, and I too love the spidy web


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