Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Creating order...

Something to be said about turning this...

...into this.

Always makes me feel a little nostalgic for those baskets full of fresh-off-the-line or warm-out-of-the-drier cloth diapers in days of yore.

Don't mention this to my husband...he will scoff, as he is usually the one to wash and fold the towels.  It is not my fault he chooses to do them while I am at work...or busy with other things...or shopping...


  1. I love stacks of folded towels. :)
    (though mine would probably argue it, too.)

    But does Uncle Carey feel nostalgia for washing cloth diapers?
    Or rinsing them out??? :)

    I don't miss rinsing them! I sure did love a taaaaaall stack full of clean and folded ones in the hanger, though.

  2. And-

    I'm going to explode. My camera comes today!!!! :)

  3. You know, we had to rinse VERY few diapers. Oddly enough, I could time my kids habits almost to the half hour, so I just put in diaper liners as needed, and with those you just lift them out and discard. Probably more information than anyone wanted to know. :)

    And I'm almost as eager to see your photos with the new camera as you are to take them!!!!


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