Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Chloe kind of day...

She's the youngest.  She is NOT supposed to grow so quickly.


Of course, if she insists on growing so quickly, I am definitely going to continue encouraging things like yard work.  :)

(I really need to empty that complete sand box...sift all the sand to remove the leaves and twigs...check and/or replace the liner...and refill with the cleaned up sand.  And while I'm at it, I should rake the back yard of all those oak leaves and acorns.  Yeah.  I'll get right on that.)

Oh, speaking of yard work...after dinner tonight, we were reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and it said something about a wheel barrow.  Chloe says, 'what's a wheel barrow?'  I say it's something you use to work outside and move things...kind of like a wagon, only it has one wheel in front, and two handles on the back.  She says,'yeah, we don't have one of those.'

Last week her daddy took her to the gas station with him.  While he was there he bought a lottery ticket, and before putting it away, he kissed it.  Chloe can't quite figure that out, so she asks, 'Daddy!  Why did you kiss that paper?'

'Because it has numbers on it,'  Daddy says.  'And tonight there will be numbers on the TV.  And if they are the same numbers, you never have to work again.'

'I don't have to work now,' she says. 'I'm five.'

She likes to go to Sonic with Grandma, so of course we had to go.  She also wanted to make a card to send to her great grandma.  We read Eye Spy books and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.  And colored and ate ice cream.

It's a pretty great way to spend the day.


  1. Love, love, love this...sounds like a wonderful day to me...and the pictures are terrific!

  2. We do have a wheel barrow! However it spends a lot of time borrowed out to friends so that may explain why she doesn't recognize it.

  3. We had a wheel barrow stored on our driveway up until a couple of months ago ... when someone 'borrowed' it an failed to return it... our new one is stored under the house out of sight!

    I once overheard a kid at his mothers yard sale asking her what the ironing board she was selling was!


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