Friday, July 14, 2017

Frugal Friday File 2017, week 28...

1.  Received our phone/cable bill.  We have our service through a cooperative, so once a year they pay each member a share of the company profits by deducting it from their bill.  Dropped this month's bill by almost $80.

2.  Menu planned.  Grocery list made.  Shopped and stuck to list.

3.  Made sure that the list included the fixin's for a fabulous dinner (salad with fresh berries, avocados, spinach, salmon [and pecans from the freezer]) to serve my company, so we can stay in, have a great meal and quiet time to visit and catch up without feeling like we're being frugal.  

4.   I didn't buy any of the Prime deals on Prime day.  I had a couple of things in my cart...and I may regret not having a head start as it gets closer to Christmas...but I figured if I had any doubt at all I didn't need to buy them this week.

5.  I called the pharmacy this week about my longstanding prescriptions that needed refilling and would need a call to the doctor's office to get a renewed scrip for the next 12 months.  Since I wanted them to get the renewals for all of my prescriptions and not just those needing filling imminently, I mentioned that somehow my prescriptions had gotten divided into some being filled one week and some two weeks later, and asked them to be sure to get Rx renewals for all of them when they called.  I had asked in the past about moving the refill for one batch to match the other and was told it would involve moving the refill date for some up by a day or two each month until eventually they were all filled at the same time.  I fell for accepted that explanation even though I thought it was ridiculous.  Today when I went to pick up my refills, they had all of them ready at the same time!  Yea!  No more wasting gasoline on special trips and waiting in line for ages.  Now if I could just get them to fill 90 days at a time.  Insurance won't do 90 days unless by mail order through their provider.  With all the mail theft we have in our area, not to mention the direct sun and 100+ degree heat baking everything in our black mailbox, I just don't want to go the mail-order route.

Frugal From the Kitchen This Week:
Saturday:  leftovers
Sunday:  Carey had leftovers, I had breakfast for dinner
Monday:  *Tex-Mex
Tuesday:  leftovers
Wednesday:  One skillet sausage and rice with onions and peppers, green beans
Thursday:  salmon with fresh salad
Friday:  homemade burgers

(*not-frugal takeout or dinner out)


  1. Our electric company is a cooperative and works that way too. We do mail order prescriptions and have never had a problem, but we're retired and at home each day.

    1. Our community is having a big problem with mail thefts…to the point that one of our mail carriers was shot while putting mail in one neighborhood’s cluster mailbox unit. Although those mail thieves/shooter (three people) were caught, other problems continue. Many, many neighbors not receiving their mail, batches of mail found dumped in creek, etc.

      I know this may sound farfetched, but hand-to-heart truth. Personally I think that anybody who steals mail is nuts! I don’t even like weeding through my own mail, I SURE don’t want to have to go through anybody else’s!

  2. Sticking to the list must be the hardest part of grocery shopping - there are just too many tempting things on the shelves!

    1. The hardest part is when I have worked my way across the store (for the 2nd or 3rd time) and have yet again forgotten something and have to make another trip around. Ugh. I do believe I walked 3 miles inside the grocery on this one shopping trip!

      Even though I arrange my list by sections of the store, they rearrange their stock, which kind of throws off my plan of action. They very recently began curbside pick up, so I am going to try it soon…place grocery order online and just pick up and pay.


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