Monday, March 20, 2017

Making it Monday...

Today was quilting day at the library.  I couldn't find the pattern for what I needed to be working on, so I picked up my WIP (work in progress) box containing Radio Days.  This one was started not long after I joined the library quilting group, so that's about two years's a very low-priority project.  I've got eight squares done now, but it's going back in its box, since I have something more important to work on...if I could just find that darn pattern.

Happily, I thought to email the group last night asking if anyone else had the project book it was in (since I couldn't find mine), and one did and brought it.  Now I think I have everything assembled to get started on it.

I've been working on the office/craft room lately.  I'm still sorting through the books in the bookcases.  I'm hoping to reduce the numbers by at least half.  Then I will move my fabric stash onto the shelves.  My goal is to get my sewing machine set up permanently in there along with a design wall.  And I have a fabulous ironing table (on order from a friend's husband) that will need a home too.  It was the orginal impetus to get the craft room organized, because they said they will deliver it when it's done, and I didn't want them to see the room like it has been looking for the past few eons (not to mention that there probably wouldn't be room to get the ironing table into the room!)

Supper is in the Ninja slow cooker thanks to Carey, so maybe I will get off the computer and head back to the bookcases for awhile.  That is, if I can get Rudy to unpin my legs.

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  1. I really like quilting also. I remember when there were quilting day in our learning centre, I went to the centre in a very good mood.


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