Friday, March 10, 2017

Frugal Friday File 2017, week 10...

1.  I worked three and a half hours this week.  I had to turn down a separate request to work next Friday because I was due to have a house guest that day, but something came up so that the visit was cancelled.  I called the requesting branch today to see if they had found someone to work, and they had, but it was kind of an imposition on the person who was going to fill in, so they were happy to switch and let me have the day.  Win/win.

2. Carey was able to do some maintenance on his truck this week.  Parts reasonable.  Labor free.  :) 

3.  The initial cost of technology may be prohibitive in some cases, but there are a couple of technological things occurring around here this week that remind me that they have saved me a lot of money over time.  One is the library emailing me reminders when my books are close to being due; and then the ability to renew the item online if I'm not ready to return it.  No fines accruing, and no gasoline to make a trip to the library.

The second thing that has saved me $ is digital photography.  Remember the days of picking up an envelope of developed photos and at least half of them were pretty blah?  I really love being able to delete and retake photos, and edit them with software, and then just have the ones you love printed.  Like this one:

4.  I am VERY thankful that Carey has the desire and the ability to mow our big yard.  (Though it doesn't really look like it has been done recently in the photo above, it has...we've gotten some rains recently.)

5.  Still making do without the a/c or heater.  The humidity has been pretty high, but we've been able to get by with the ceiling fans on.

Keep Tryings:
1.  We ate out WAY too much this week.

2.  The dishwasher seems to be malfunctioning.  I guess I'll be hand washing till we can figure out the issue.

Frugal From the Kitchen This Week:
Saturday:  *Tex-Mex
Sunday:  Sunday family dinner at Kasey's
Monday:  (didn't write it down, and can't remember)
Tuesday:  *Whataburgers
Wednesday:  *barbeque
Thursday:  Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Friday:  leftovers

(*not-frugal takeout or dinner out)


  1. Free is always good! Sorry to hear about your dishwasher - those darn appliances are expensive unless you have a scratch and dent store near you and come across an amazing bargain!

    1. I've been doing research online, and I think it may need a new control panel. It is about two years old, so it annoys me that it has any problem let alone one that sounds like it could be expensive. Carey can probably replace it...I hope. :)

  2. hey frugal Friday, week 10! content is just epic. i am loving it so far and i have finished reading it, really enjoyed it tho. thanks for sharing and being cool enough to post this.


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