Saturday, August 27, 2016

Calendar snob revisited...

After suffering with my much-hated 2016 calendar for eight long months, I will be starting a new 16-month calendar on September 1.  You have no idea how excited I am to be done with the old one at the end of this month!

Things that I thought I could ignore last year proved too much for me.  I didn't like the semi-glossy paper.  I didn't like the pictures. I didn't like that it hung over the bottom of my bulletin board making it hard to write on the last week of each month.  I hated the handwritten changes I had to make so it was even usable for me.  And I hate that I still feel angry with myself every single time I look at it, because I settled for something I didn't want just because time was short and I hate shopping.  I did that with a car about buyer's regret!

The other day as I was adding an appointment to the old calendar, it came over me to suck it up and make one that suits me.  I figured I could start right now and be happily using it next week!  And a major plus...I wouldn't have to give calendar shopping any thought at all this year.  

I wasn't starting from scratch.  I used to make my own every year, so I had the basic layout saved in Microsoft Publisher.  I just had to bring it current and make sure the holidays got added correctly.  Really not as bad as I remembered, and I was done pretty quickly.  The part I dreaded was the printing, as it had been a trial in the past.  But my current printer proved much easier to print it out on since it handles cardstock better than its predecessor, and it does two-sided printing like a dream (no having to turn the sheets over and try to figure what end goes in first and which side is up!)

Is my new calendar plain vanilla?  You betcha!  I seem to need the wide open space and unadorned format to keep the focus on the events I write in rather than the page design.

All this and frugal too...I had everything on hand!

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