Saturday, January 9, 2016

Calendar snob...

I found a new calendar.  It wasn't on sale, but I had a 40% off coupon, and I didn't want to look any further.  It has the big, lined squares that I like, and while not exactly matte paper, it's not glossy either, so I can use a pencil on it...that's a big thing for me.

However, if I had noticed one thing about it in the store, it would NOT have come home with me.  It runs Monday through Sunday instead of Sunday through Saturday.  I made that mistake once before, and I was confused and mixing up dates all year long.

As soon as I noticed this, I sat down with a Sharpie and labels to make it conform to my preference.  Luckily it had a blank column on the left, so I moved all the Sundays.  (Wow, I feel so powerful!)  The former Sunday spaces (on the right side) are now blank, and will probably stay that way.  

I'm kind of bummed, because I really love the clean-slate look of a new, blank calendar.  This one now looks like somebody who tried to bathe a cat...all scratched up and Bandaid-ed.  I'll just live with it (sigh), but it is definitely going on next week's Frugal Friday File  as a success.


  1. I get some sort of Royalty and local sites calendar from a friend in England every year and they are in the Monday-Sunday format - unfortunately, they don't have the extra column so I always have to remember to adjust the week in my head when I look at it!

    1. I used to receive a calendar from a friend in the Mon-Sun format, and I just couldn’t cope! I think it’s a sort of spatial challenge or something. :)

  2. ewww I would hate that too. I have never seen a calendar go from Monday - Sunday but don't look at them often. It would drive me nuts to keep things on the right day.

  3. I think you should draw in the blank column on the right or collage some pics or put quotes there


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