Monday, August 8, 2016

Chloe's ten...

This one turned ten last week while I was gone.  Last year she gave me specific criteria for her present (a particular style and size of Beanie Boo), and I was still off a little.  She was very sweet about it, but this year, she asked for the same thing she had asked for last year, so I figured it must be pretty important to her.  So I suggested that we should go shopping for it together.

Last night she spent the night, and we hit the road this morning on the hunt.  It took six stores, but she came home happy.  

I tried to buy her the gray wool fedora while we were out.  She has a perfect face for hats.  I know this because I look ridiculous in hats...always have.

She reminded me that she already has a fedora (below).  

I countered that the one she has is a summer hat, and today's find is a winter hat.  She couldn't be swayed, which was a frugal decision.  

It made me look through the old photos I have of her in hats, and I ask your patience while I share some taken through the years.

Her 'newsie' look.
Her beret gives her a bit of the Hyacinth Bucket vibe.

Love the demi veil.

Hamming it up in a hand-knit.

A real Kentucky Derby fascinator from the other Kathleen.

And when it comes to sleeping caps, she has a style all her own.   *Ü*


  1. She's so pretty! Love her hats.

  2. She is just too cute! Happy birthday Chloe!

    1. Thanks, Linda. Can’t wait to see more photos of your new little cutie!

  3. Too cute! I always wanted to be a hat person, but I look stupid in most of them. She's precious!

    1. Me too! Not to mention my extra-thick hair makes most of them too small. Thick hair…yeah, that’s it…not the big ol’ punkin’ head. LOL

    2. I like that...I'll blame it on my thick hair as well! ;-)


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