Thursday, June 9, 2016

Curlformer product review...

Caitlyn inherited her mother's hair, which like my hair is board straight!  She's always wanted two things (which I totally empathize with, because I wanted them too at her age), long hair and curls.  Her hair has grown quite long, and she let me trim the ends a few weeks ago.  

Last week Joolz put a video on her Facebook page, and I just knew I had to buy the product for Caitlyn for her birthday.  Curlformers!  I found these locally at Sally's Beauty Supply.  They were not cheap.  

Her birthday was Tuesday, and I had told her that I had her present, but she had to come spend the night to get it.  I wanted to play with it!  :)

You slide a mesh curlformer onto the long (about 12 inches) hook that comes in the set, and then pull the hair with the hook end through the mesh.  She said it only pulled enough to hurt one time.  There is a learning curve to this.  YouTube has some helpful videos.  As you put in the curlformers, you have to make sure that the twists don't get kinked like an old telephone want them spiraled uniformly.

We started with freshly-washed-and-towel-dried hair, and I sectioned it.  I think it would have been best to have some styling gel or mouse to work through before starting, but I didn't have any, so I had to use hairspray.  Starting with the lowest level, I subdivided off a single section, sprayed with some hair spray, pulled it through a Curlformer.  I probably put in about five Curlformers per level.  

I continued working in sections to the top.

Then she fell asleep.  You can use a hairdryer to dry it, but from what I gather, it works best if you keep them in overnight while you sleep.  They're soft, so they're not uncomfortable.

Then in the morning, you just pull out the curlformers, and use your fingers to ringlet the curls down.  I split the larger ringlets into smaller ones.  Then I had Caitlyn turn her head upside down and shake her hair out.  

We put in a bit of hairspray and clipped it back.

She was pretty happy with it.  After breakfast we went outside to take some photos to make a card to send to her great-grandmother.

All in all we had fun playing with them.

This last photo I took just now.  It has been several hours, and the curls are holding pretty well, even being crushed while she lies on the sofa watching tv.

I wish I'd had some of these when I was her age!


  1. They look fantastic! It's good when a product actually performs like its meant to.
    I'll show my neice who is a hairdresser and I'm sure she'll get some.

    Cheers - Joolz xx

    1. Hi, Joolz. I am SO glad you brought these to my attention! I thought they worked great. With long thick hair, it takes awhile. So not something she will probably get her mama to do real often.

      All the info I read said overnight worked better than with hair dryer, so not sure how they would work in a stylist’s setting.

      My hair has always been so straight that high school classmates were convinced I ironed it! LOL

  2. Those are awesome curls! She is so cute, I hope she was happy with her curly look! I am envious, my hair is super straight too...

    1. Hi, Linda. Very happy with them. Got tired of the hair spray though and had washed it out when I saw her today. I think it's a lesson about the effort/discomfort beauty can demand. :)

  3. They're fantastic, Kathleen. What a fabulous gift and how lovely you were able to enjoy it with her. Beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you, Caroline. I don't think there's anything better than coming across something that I just KNOW someone will love. And you're right, it was lovely enjoying it together. :)

  4. That's awesome! Oh, how I wanted those kind of curls when I was young. My hair is board-straight too, and perms just frizzed me. I'll be she was really excited to have the curls...even if she doesn't do them often. You're such a great grandma! <3

    1. I got a perm once. I was at the shop for HOURS. My hair smelled like perm solution for a month and a half at least. But my hair was still board straight. I think that’s when I learned to be thankful for what you have and make the most of it. At least long straight hair was in.


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