Monday, March 21, 2016

One of us is crazy...

Remember the old Ingrid Bergman/Charles Boyer movie Gaslight, where the husband tries to convince his wife that she's imagining things and does things that she doesn't remember?  Welcome to our world.  The difference?  There is no clear villain, just two very confused people.

More and more frequently, Carey and I are diametrically opposed as to how we remember events.  It is absolutely maddening!  Who told whom what...and getting to be a regular source of frustration.  I would think that it was just a communication problem, but even cut-and-dried memories of who did what come up often also.

This week he has vacation days scheduled that I could swear I knew nothing about.  He's going to the hunting lease with his brothers, which is completely fine with me, but I thought they were going next week on his regular days off.  He is equally sure that he told me.

Today we went to IKEA.  His first time, because I always go when he's out of town.  He said he would start assembling the shelves tomorrow.  I don't remember him ever putting IKEA furniture together.  He says he put "all" the shelves in the office/craft room together.  Ummm...I put those together!  I will admit that he helped me put them in place and anchor them to the wall, but put them together?  I really, really do not think so.  In fact, he's always offended that I don't trust him to do it right, and prefer to do it myself.  That's not exactly true...I don't trust him not to get totally frustrated with the pre-fabness of the product, which is why I go while he's out of town and try to get things assembled before he gets back.

These are just two recent instances.  It happens all the time.  It makes me wonder if anyone else has this issue in their relationships, and how they deal with it.  Anyone have a cure?


  1. I have someone who 'embellishes' stories to others and I sit there going ... is that really what happened? I totally get what you mean, Kath!

  2. I think I figured this instance out. The home office/craft room is full of IKEA shelves and Costco cubbies. He did put the cubbies together, so I assume that was what he was thinking of. Whew, maybe one of us is only half crazy...not saying which one. :)

  3. Sorry to hear that, Polly, because it is very frustrating. But also nice to know I'm not the only one. :)


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