Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter...

For the past few weeks, Sunday dinner at Kasey's has included an after-dinner game of some sort.  Caitlyn received Headbanz in her Easter basket, so of course we had to play it tonight.  

You wear a picture of an object on your head so everyone can see it except you.  Then you ask questions to try to identify what you 'are.'  Sort of a 20 questions game, though you get unlimited number of questions, and the only question not allowed is, 'What am I.'  

A kids game for ages 7+, though the adults had fun too.  I was really bad at it, because I couldn't remember what questions I had asked from one turn to the next.  The word 'moon' was exceptionally difficult.  Am I a place?  Yes.  Do people visit this place.  Yes, but very few people, and not for a very long time.  LOL

I didn't make a dessert today.  It wasn't missed since we all ate Easter candy.  :)

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