Monday, March 14, 2016

A friend in need...

Joolz always has the yummiest looking things on her blog.  Yesterday she had Lamb Koftas and Yoghurt Flatbread from Julie Goodwin's book Homemade Takeaway that made my mouth water.  I commented on her post that I had to have one!  Bless her, Joolz emailed me the recipes.  :)  

I'm posting similar photos to the ones she posted, so she can see that I actually meant it that I needed them now...

...and that I had success!  The misshapen looking flatbread peeking out from the bottom of the stack was one that I ripped into to taste hot out of the pan.

 Oh, it was exactly what I hoped it would be!  Filling, but at the same time rather light with all the fresh veggies...a perfect transition into Spring.  A sort of Eastern Mediterranean Taco, if you will (we're all about the tacos in our part of Texas).

Now here's the funny thing:  I have a feeling mine ended up pretty differently from the book's recipe.  
1) I had to use beef instead of lamb.  
2) I unintentionally used Cumin instead of Coriander.  (Coriander is one of those things that I always confuse in my head.  I know it's also known by a different name, but I always think it's cumin when it's actually cilantro.)
3) I completely forgot to buy pine nuts, so they got left out.
4) I had no fresh mint for the yogurt dressing.
5) And lastly I forgot to serve with lemon wedges.

I was telling Jared this as he was stuffing his face enjoying his dinner, and he said I'd just have to make them again correctly for comparison research.  :)

I need to post the recipe as I made it so I won't forget it either, because it passed the make-it-again taste test.  

Thanks, Joolz!


  1. Haha! I'm so glad you made them and enjoyed them as they were. Honestly, I think you could use anything and they'd still be good. The flatbreads are a great vehicle for meat and salad so choose your fixings and you're good! Im sure that's how tacos were invented!
    I think you'll find the minted, garlic yoghurt a game changer, though! :)

    1. I will definitely be making with mint! I couldn’t believe I forgot to pick some up. I really want to make them exactly as original recipe, because they sound so good!

  2. Oh, my flatbreads always look mishapen from a certain hubby who rips into them too!

  3. I think I need BOTH versions of the recipes! <3

    1. I can't wait to try them the right way! LOL

  4. I am looking forward to making them, too. I always have lamb in my freezer. They make me think of spring for some reason...


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