Friday, October 30, 2015

More Monster Cookies...

That may look like a roll of paper towels tied in ribbon, but in actuality it is an oatmeal box.  If you remember my Monster Cookie recipe called for a 42 ounce box of oatmeal.

That happens to be the perfect size to contain a dozen or so of the cookies!  I prettied up the box, and stacked some (thoroughly cooled) cookies inside with a disc of waxed paper between each cookie...perfect circumference to keep them stacked neatly!  

It would be really cute, and fairly easy, to decorate it as a Frankenstein head, but I kept it really simple.

All ready for gifting.


  1. Cute ideas x Dawn

  2. Ingenious!! would be great for gift packaging at Christmas too. is that a plastic pumpkin on the table....I have been looking for some like that but you just can't find them here.

    1. You're right, Cath! And lots of other stuff comes in round boxes too. Snacks, dishwasher detergent tabs (of course I wouldn't put edibles in those), etc. Perfect time to start thinking about gift wrapping for the holidays, so thanks for the idea!

      The pumpkin isn't plastic, I think it's some kind of foam. They have them at all the craft stores here. It's nice to just grab it out of the decorations closet every year instead of having to wrestle a heavy one home from the market.


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