Friday, October 16, 2015

Five things Friday...

Five things I did and didn't do this Friday.

1.  I Carey put up a giant spider web for Halloween at Kasey's house.
     I didn't...remember to take my camera, so this photo is from a few years ago, but you get the gist.

2.  I
     I didn't...finish my last book.  Blech.  Gave up on it.

3.  I bills.
     I didn't...enjoy it.

4.  I something for Christmas online.
     I didn't...want to spend the money, so I went back in and cancelled the order before it went through.

5.  I did...cook dinner.
     I didn' the dishes...but Carey did.  :)


  1. I din't like the book I just read and finished either... and it was a library book so no guilt about having paid for it to make me finish it!

    1. Unbelievably, I picked that stupid book back up again. I still don’t like it, but for some reason I just want to know how it turns out. It was a cheapy on my Kindle.

  2. However we just finished watching a series on net flicks (ie the first two seasons which is all that NF has doled out) which was worth watching... "death in Paradise" 16 episodes available so far....

    1. You always give me the best TV watching advice!


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