Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday desserts...

As usual, when I started to think about what to make for today's dessert the main criteria was something that would not require a trip to the grocery store.  I settled on this recipe, and it only requires five ingredients (which were all in my pantry), and it is super easy.

Pecans, butter, flour, brown sugar, eggs...that's it.  These are made in a mini muffin pan, and the author says not to fill more than 3/4 full or you will have a mess in your oven.  Also, she says that Baker's Choice spray is best to coat the pan.  I didn't have any, so I used my spray coconut oil and then floured each section of the tin...wasn't as hard as it sounds, I didn't do a bang up job.

When baking is done, cool for one minute in the pan, then turn them out to cool.  Apparently if you leave them in the pan longer than on minute they are difficult to remove.  I followed the 1-minute suggestion, used an orange peeler to loosen the edges, and had no trouble.

I wouldn't exactly call these cupcakes, though you could decorate the tops with a little whipped cream to make them look a little more like one.  They are definitely a mini, nutty, morsel of goodness.  Here's the interesting part...Carey and I both tasted one when they came out of the oven, and we weren't that impressed with the flavor.  But after dinner, when they were cooled, we liked the flavor much more.  Not sure why that would be, but my advice would be to let them sit awhile before tucking in.

I found the recipe on Lick The Bowl Good.


  1. They look and sound like the ones I made a while back although I thought they were called muffins.

    1. Cath, that DOES ring a bell now. I would have linked your blog if I had remembered at the time. My mind is pretty burned out the last couple of weeks! I think I even commented on your post!

  2. Next time you have visitors, you must try my mini cheesecakes or do a big one.
    For the minis, I put patty pans in a muffin tray then pressed the biscuit/butter base into them. Top with cheesecake mix and bake until just set and beginning to crack. Take out and allow to cool them refrigerate until needed. Top with fresh fruit, cram and dusting of icing (confectioners) sugar.
    Those pecan cuppies look yum!

    1. Joolz, I may need a whole cheesecake to myself when my house empties on Friday! :)

  3. I found a recipe for Pecan Pie bites years ago in Country Woman Magazine. They've been a family favorite ever since. Soooo good, & so easy!

    I think you're right about letting them cool first though.

  4. LB, the m-i-l popped hers in the microwave this evening. To each his/her own, I guess.


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