Friday, October 9, 2015

Sewing a reversible adult scarf/bib...

Well, my house is empty again.  Company has left.  The hubs has returned to work.  I am enjoying the solitude, and I thought I'd share a sewing project I worked on a couple of days ago for my guest.

Lots of women I know are forever spilling something on the front of a clean blouse front at mealtimes...myself included.  My visitor had a bib that she wore at some mealtimes.  It was not something that you would want to wear while dining out, however.  I went on the search for some ideas that would give protection while looking less conspicuous.

The option I liked best was a commercially available scarf/bib that described their product as 54" long by 8 1/2" wide.  I could work with that.

I thought that making these reversible would add to their versatility, so for each scarf I purchased a yard and a half of two coordinating, washable fabrics.  (I could have purchased less fabric and seamed together to make up the length, but I didn't want the added bulk at the seam.)  I chose prints (as spills are less conspicuous on a print than a solid), and I tried to keep my choices somewhat neutral, so they could be worn with multiple outfits.

I cut two coordinating fabric pieces 54" x 10 1/4".  With right sides together, and using 5/8" seam allowance, I sewed around all four edges of the fabric, leaving an opening on one long edge large enough to turn the scarf.

After trimming the corners, I turned the scarf right side out, pressed the seams neatly, and then top-stitched a scant 1/4" around all four edges.  The top-stitching takes care of closing the opening left for turning.

This can be worn loosely gathered as a scarf, and pulled flat to give full coverage of a blouse front.

I added four tucks at the back of the neck so it would lie more comfortably.

Two scarves.

Four looks.

I made this for a petite person, so the length was okay at 54".  If I made any for myself, I would want a longer version, so I would probably make it at least 72" long to look more scarf-like.

I made up an instruction sheet.  Click the photo above to see it enlarged.  You should be able to copy and save it if you find you or someone you know could use one too.


  1. that's very clever and well designed....were they well received?

  2. Yes, I think so. They often go out to lunch after church on Sundays, so thought maybe they would come in handy.

  3. Great idea but I need to see it modelled...

    1. Sorry, Joolz, she took them home with her.

  4. Very nice, make another one and model it for us!

    1. Sorry, Peggy, no time to sew right now. The third photo from the top of the post shows the neck at the top and how it spreads out wide for coverage.

  5. What a great idea! So thoughtful too. <3


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