Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday desserts, Pumpkin Bliss...

At about 2 a.m. this morning I decided to get an 'early' start on making today's dessert.  I started by looking for a recipe on Pinterest, but couldn't find what I wanted.  The pumpkin cheesecake recipes appealed to me, but I didn't have enough cream cheese.  I did however have some No-Bake Cheesecake mixes in the pantry, so I just started gathering things out of the pantry and came up with my own.  It couldn't get much easier.

I thought we should sample it before taking it to Sunday dinner...didn't want any unpleasant surprises...also, it's very hard to get photos if I wait till we are already at Kasey' this afternoon I cut a piece out and photographed it.  There were no complaints from Carey, as he and I split it after its photo session.  :)  It really is and creamy, with a little crunch from the pecans on top and the crust on the bottom...gave me my pumpkin-y, cinnamon-y fix.

I garnished only half with pecans as some of the kids don't like nuts.

I made an announcement last week that all Sunday desserts in November would be pumpkin ones.  I think they will approve of this one.


  1. I like your thinking about all pumpkin desserts for the month. I LOVE pumpkin! This one sounds yummy!

    1. I’m thinking next week may be a pumpkin bundt cake.

  2. looks very yummy!! will have to go check out your recipe and see if I can adapt to what's available here. Are you going to share it at my Linky tomorrow?....I have a surprise for you!!!

    1. So glad you reminded me, I really meant to do it earlier. It is linked now. And glad I am, because I wanted to save your Sweet Chili Stir Fry recipe. That is now done also. I was about to ask you what Ketcap Manis is, but I Googled it. :)


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