Thursday, October 15, 2015

Brace yourself...

Kasey couldn't get away from work, so I got to take Diego to the orthodontist to have his braces removed this morning.  He's worn them for two years...he's hiding his excitement behind that yawn.  :)

What a great smile!  And he's not even flashing his dimples yet.

His retainer will be ready this afternoon, so I'll pick him up after school and take him back to pick it up.  I love helping out with scheduling lets me share in their special experiences.


  1. Both my girls had braces and its so great when the day finally comes to get them off. Diego is a very handsome chap!

    1. Thanks, Joolz. He had his on for about two years. His brother had them on for about twice that. I know they are both happy to be rid of them.

  2. I remember that feeling...I went straight out and had an apple (could finally bite directly into one instead of having to slice it first!)...and pizza (without worrying about getting it in my braces). Heaven! (I had about 9 years of braces retainers, head gear, and the works...YUCK!)

    Now my teeth are great, except for one crooked front tooth on the bottom. Oh'd think they'd be perfect for the amount of $$ my parents spent on them! LOL!

    So great that you get to live so close and share these special moments with your grandkids. So many children (and grandparents) aren't that blessed these days!

    <3 ya!


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