Monday, August 24, 2015

T minus and counting...

this photo is here for lack of a better post illustration  :)

You may or may have not noticed the countdown widget on the right side of the page.  It is my reminder to get off of the computer, because I have a lot of work to do before my mother-in-law arrives for a visit.  The countdown days have been fluctuating, because I didn't have an exact date of arrival.  She is making a sort of round robin of sibling visits, and so there were a lot of households' plans to consider and schedule around.  Her arrival date here is pretty firmly set at Sept 17th now.

I really have been doing things to get ready...probably nobody but me could possibly tell by looking.  But maybe soon.  

We've been using an antique headboard in our room, but I want to move it to the guest room.  The round mirror in the photo above (which has been sitting on the floor for about a year and a half) is going to go over our bed, and eventually I would like to make an upholstered headboard for us.

The guest room was freshly painted right before we started on the kitchen remodel, and I never got around to adding the finishing touches, so there's a lot of that to do.

Here's a partial accountability list:

put Goodwill donation box near back door
put library donation box near back door
     fill and replace above as necessary
order bed
assemble bed
attach headboard
find side rails and foot board
make up the bed
finish quilt for bed?
hang art
hang vintage towel rack
stock medicine cabinet
order shower bench
assemble shower bench
*clean shower/bath surround
put up hand held shower head
put up new shower curtain rod
pumice hard water deposits on toilet
clean office desk
organize office
organize fabric
move sewing machine into office
   (need to retreat while m-i-l & dh watch baseball every night)
make template for kitchen table/island to take to glass shop
order glass top for kitchen table/island delivered
clean finish on kitchen table/island
change mantel decorations
dispose of old rid of some
shred/file/recycle paper clutter
refresh window seat
go through makeup and discard unused
straighten my bathroom vanity
caulk kitchen seams I missed previously
plan menus
prepare some menu items ahead
move in counter-top microwave temporarily
    (m-i-l won't be able to reach built in)
*window sills
schedule maid service for '*' items?

Yeah.  That should keep me busy for the next three weeks.


  1. That will definitely keep you busy! I'm sure you'll get it done though. Everybody get outta the way! LOL!

  2. Oh, I laughed reading this. I had wondered what the ticker was! lol I understand the "must get this done, X is coming". I feel like that about my mum. Though poor thing arrived last night to me shattered and not having accomplished 90% of my list. lol


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