Thursday, August 6, 2015

Singin' those grocery store blues...

Am I the only one that puts off going grocery shopping as long as absolutely possible?  Today I managed to scour the freezer and pantry and was able to come up with the required ingredients to make Buttermilk Ranch Roasted Chicken with Potatoes and Yellow Squash Casserole.  Very tasty, though probably a salad or green vegetable would have been a healthy addition.

Ah, well.  We had a home-cooked meal; Carey was able to make a couple of plates to take to work with him; and the freezer is now virtually a clean slate, ready to fill after the next torture session shopping trip.  After tonight's dinner, we are down to nuts and fruits in the freezer and protein powder in the pantry.  

I guess I have to go shopping tomorrow.

That is unless someone shares some loaves and fishes with us...or I could talk Carey into fruit smoothies for dinner tomorrow night.  :)

edit:  not five minutes after publishing this post, I received an email containing recipes for "5 Fruity Smoothies."  I think it's a sign!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeppers! Especially since my kitchen looks like a hurricane just blew through. I had a wild hair during the night to completely empty the original pantry and clean it top to bottom. That job bled over into today. LOL


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