Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Diego kind of day...

Tuesday started early and ended late.  I had to go into the city for an early appointment, run errands, be back in time to meet with a longarm quilter about some completed quilt tops.  And when all that was done I called to see if Diego wanted to come spend some time with us.  Hearing his excitement-filled 'yes' gave me such a lift.

internet photo

Dinner, television, general hanging out time, until midnight when we settled into lawn chairs in the dark to see what we could see of the Perseid meteor shower.  We were a little early, and it was a little cloudy.  Diego went inside for awhile till the clouds cleared off, and he ended up missing the best ones, but Jared and I enjoyed spending a couple of hours star gazing.

Up early enough today for lunch out and a trip to Half-Price Books.  Diego is a true reader.  I set a two-book limit, and he had no trouble picking them out.  A long stoplight a few blocks from the store found him so engrossed already that he didn't even notice me snapping a quick pic...if I hadn't had to drive I would probably have looked the same.  :)  He's my kinda kid.

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