Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I'm reading Wednesdays...

I haven't started a new book, so I've been sitting here catching up on reading...obituaries.  Does anyone else do that?

I never did it until I started working for my current employer.  We work a lot with older people, and when one of them passes away it involves some extra administration duties, not to mention concerns for their loved ones.

I kind of like the recent trend of having vintage photos accompany the write up.  Seeing a sepia toned photo of a young soldier looking dashing in his WWII uniform is quite sweet.  

What I don't like is when a bereaved loved one writes a very wordy and poorly written tribute.  Which leads to one of my pet peeves: 'He married the love of his life.'  I'm not sure why this grates on me so, except that it's one thing for someone to say I married the love of my life, and quite another for someone else to say it of their mate.  At least, I assumed that it is the wife writing it...Carey said that it might be the children writing the obit.  Either way, it kind of bothers me.  

Tonight I saw one that was a first.  When listing the survivors, the author listed the deceased's dog before his children.  :)  

That's when I told Carey I was going to write my own and put it with the other important papers necessary upon my death.  I am fully aware that there is no way I can guarantee my family will not alter it or ignore it altogether, but I have to hope that by that point I will have escaped my earthly need for control.


  1. i think its scary that i know so many of the people in the obituaries, theres folks i can remeber in years below me making a regular appearance ...good grief im only 51

  2. I agree with the 'love of his life' thing - very strange. Similar but different is the endless round of 'share this if you have a daughter/son/husband you love and are proud of' on Facebook. Nobody's going to be admitting to having a daughter they don't much like and don't get on with, are they?!!!

  3. Caroline, the 'love of his life' is RAMPANT here.

    Had to laugh at the FB share you mentioned. Those make me crazy too. My favorite thing I've seen and did share for my daughter's attention is one that says, "Mom, what's it like having the best daughter in the whole world?" and the mother's answer is, "I don't know, dear. You'll have to ask Grandma." LOL

  4. Mom, you know what it's like having the best daughter in the whole world? Just wait until you read all about it in your obituary (that I will be rewriting)! :)

  5. Kasey, you ARE the best...and the funniest! Be kind, please, as you are rewriting. :)


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