Sunday, April 12, 2015


At long last, I present the kitchen!

addendum 1: When talking about the antique cabinet, I said "I'm getting closer to it."  Though I was walking toward the cabinet at the time, I was referring not to my physical location in comparison to the cabinet, I was referring to myself getting closer to antique status.  :)

addendum 2:  I was kind of focused on showing the lower drawers and drawer/cabinets.  The former kitchen only had three or four small drawers, so I am in seventh heaven with all the drawer space that we have now.

addendum 3:  When I said I don't anticipate using both ovens much, I should have said that I foresee that the small oven will suffice for about 95% of my baking needs without using the larger oven except for maybe a large turkey or ham on occasion.


  1. I love your vlog! Your kitchen is so awesome - spacious, bright, lots of counter space, fabulous view, love the table in the middle. Now for the questions - you'll probably have to do a whole Q & A post! I had to laugh at the shelves to the left of the sink because I have a very stud-conscious husband too!

    Do you collect rolling pins or does each one in the drawer have a specific purpose? The jars that hold your staples - did you buy empty jars or repurpose them when they were empty? Please share a link for that amazing mat under your sink.

    The giant jar of flour reminds me of the Barefoot Contessa show on Food Network - she has one just like it although she could benefit from your long-handled measuring scoops. I saw a double-tiered cutlery drawer like yours at the Seattle Home Show in February - definitely putting that on my kitchen in my dream house list.

    Again, great vlog and so nice to hear your voice!

  2. The kitchen is beautiful and I just loved hearing your voice! 😊

  3. Love it! The whole thing is really impressive, and I REALLY like that rug. Enjoy my friend!

  4. Thanks, Pamela! Oh, those shelf brackets! LOL We discussed how I thought it could be done before hand and he agreed...then forgot and did it his normal wonky way. I have to laugh or...well, let's just say I choose to laugh this time. LOL

    I kind of started collecting rolling pins, but then lost interest. Two of the ones in the drawer are broken, but they are old family ones, so I can't just throw them out. One is the one I use. The dark one on the left is to make noodles, which I have never done, nor do I plan to.

    My mother bought the jars from someone she knew who operated the concession stand at sporting events. I think they held pickles. I have quite a few around the house, not just the kitchen. One or two have old wooden spools, one has old buttons. My mom passed away almost fifteen years ago, so those jars have held lots of stored goods for me over the years.

    Here's the link for the under-sink mat:

    I got the long-handled measuring cups from Amazon too:

    Thanks again for the nice comments and questions!

  5. Thanks, LB (Faith Warmheart). I like the rug too. I think I would have everything denim if I could! A denim slipcover for the sofa sounds awesome to me. :)

  6. Hubby gave me some of those long-handled measuring cups for Christmas a few years back. I LOVE THEM! He definitely done good! :-)

  7. I am not much of a cook nor a baker ... but ... after seeing your lovely video, I might just be inspired to produce miracles there !
    Thank you so much for sharing ... some very nice ideas ! ... especially the tray under the 'stuff' under the sink ! I am going out soon to find a similar product here !
    Have a great time in your kitchen ;)

  8. I love your kitchen,what a lovely room. The table is beautiful and will make a great island/workspace. You are very organised, I like the baking tin storage and the dividers so your tins can be got to without having to take them all out ( like I do at the moment), great v-log x Dawn

  9. Thanks, Sharron. Sorry to be so long in responding...your comment slipped by me somehow. The under-sink mat/drip tray I found at amazon:

  10. Thanks, Dawn. I have to say the baking pan shelf is a favorite thing for me. SO much better than the way they were stored before! The dividers I used are IKEA bookends that clip over the front of the shelf.


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