Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ten things to make your day better in one minute or less...

I saw a list like this on How Does She the other day, and it was great.  It inspired me to make a list of my own that would work better for me at the moment.  

Minne...our 13-year-old German Shepherd

  1.  Pet your pet, and tell them how wonderful they's good for them and good for you.

  2.  Drink a glass of water.

  3.  Look around whatever room you are in, and throw away any trash that may be hiding in plain sight.

  4.  Stretch.

  5.  Brush your hair 50 strokes, or massage your scalp with your fingertips.

  6.  Close your eyes.  Deep breath in...hold...exhale...repeat.

  7.  Smile at yourself whenever you are facing a mirror.  Or make a funny face.  :)

  8.  Do a super-quick purse purge getting rid of used tissues, old receipts, lists, etc.

  9.  After you tinkle and flush, grab the toilet brush and give the bowl a quick once 'round...with or without cleanser. 

10.   Before you toss that damp dish cloth or towel in the laundry, give your kitchen counters and cabinet knobs/pulls a quick wipe down.


  1. During finals week, there are always dogs at the library at Sophia's school so that students can stop by and spend a few minutes with them. There's nothing more calming that petting a dog and having it gaze up lovingly at you.

  2. Hi, Pamela. I hadn’t heard of that before; it’s great to hear, and I'm sure the students reap the benefits. Our public library has scheduled days where a dog comes to spend time for children to read to.

  3. Stroking your pet lowers your blood pressure too,my handbag needs a serious tidy as it is full of rubbish,great post very inspiring.
    x Dawn

  4. Dawn, I need to clean out mine too, but also need to change to another. Current one just not working for me any more. Way too big and heavy!

  5. I did #8 while I sat in the car, waiting for my hubby, and even better, I remembered to remove rubbish from the car and into the bin!!


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