Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thankful Thursday...

What?!  How did it get to be Thursday?  What happened to Tuesday and Wednesday!?  And it's the 9th?  Oh, well...I can't really think of anything to blog about, so I think I will follow the lead of Shauna and do a Thankful Thursday and combine it with a Seven on the 7th which I completely forgot to do on Tuesday.

1.  I'm thankful that I have a job that I can accept work on days that I want to work, and can turn down days that conflict with my personal schedule...not to mention that I can choose to work in offices that have super-nice people and turn down offices where the people are merely nice.  (And I'm super thankful for my husband who allows me the luxury of being able to work this way, since it doesn't always bring in a regular salary.)

2.  I'm thankful for friends.

3.  I'm thankful for Thursdays...which I call Chloe-days, because I get to drive her to a theater class in a nearby town, and the conversations in the car are never boring!  She can make me laugh one minute and sigh the next.  Today I asked her about a little boy in her class that she has a crush on, and she said that he smiled at her two times today.  Awwwww...I totally remember counting those special smiles that came my way.

4.  I'm thankful that our taxes are done, and by some miracle we will be getting a refund this year.

5.  I'm thankful for blogs that entertain me and are written by the most awesomely creative and nicest people the world over.

6.  I am thankful for my vehicle that runs quite well most of the time, and for AAA when it doesn't.

7.  I am thankful that we are expecting rain to fall on our parched earth for the next few days.  


  1. How lovely! This would be a good exercise to do when I am feeling a bit low!

  2. #3 brought back memories of diary entries like this, "He looked at ME today!". Great post!


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