Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tip of the week...

I love pistachios.  When I was in high school, we used to walk across the street during lunch to a Gibson's store that had a nut counter to buy pistachios.  

In a bag of pistachios, most are easily opened, but then there is always the occasional tough one that you have to pry apart.  By the end of a pistachio snack, my thumb nails are usually a ragged mess.

Recently I picked up these Salt and Pepper Pistachios from Trader Joe's.  Mmmmm...really good.  
 And I caught myself using a tip that I read somewhere recently.  It worked like a charm, so of course I thought I should share it.
Start by eating some easily opened nuts.  Then when you get to one that is hard to open, grab a discarded empty half it's edge into the crack...and twist.
My thumbnails thanked me...especially that one that was already bruised from an unrelated injury.  :)


  1. I only discovered pistachios some years ago and yes, that is a great tip!

  2. Love pistachios and miss the amazing pistachio gelato we used to get in Virginia.

  3. Great tip - I've hurt my thumbs trying to open pistachios far too many times!


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