Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday snail mail...

It wasn't a stellar week for me artistically.  I wasn't absolutely thrilled with any of the final card products, but they did get letters in the mail.

The first one is a bit of day-glo zentangle.  The handwork was way fun, but the finished card came out somewhat like a Rowan and Martin flashback.  It was inspired by a card found here.

The candles were for Sister #1's birthday.  

And this one was a Mothers' Day card for the mom-in-law.  Really not happy with the finished product, but it was this or none as I was out of time for mailing.  Embarrassed to even link to the beautiful inspiration card.

Also got Mothers' Day cards  made with the little girls last weekend for their mama and great-grandmother.  So though it wasn't my best week, it was a pretty productive one postal-ly speaking.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous cards...if only my "good" stuff would come out as good as your "bad" stuff...LOL!


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