Friday, May 16, 2014

Relocated and re-appreciated...

This is my laundry room.  I love the size.  I love that it has a sink.  And that's about all.  

What aggravates me is that this is the first impression everyone has of my house, because no one EVER uses the front door.  When anyone comes in, on the left they walk first past the water heater (not in photo)...then the water softener (also not in photo)...then the small chest freezer...not to mention the washer and dryer on the right.  It's an appliance alley.

I also have an antique hall tree parked in here, because there isn't really an appropriate spot for it elsewhere in the house, and my husband thinks he should actually get to use it...imagine!  I think it was my gift to him on our tenth anniversary.  It looks completely out of place in here, and so that aggravates me too.

The laundry room looks a little better than usual  tonight though.  Why?  Because this morning there were shelves there that made it look even messier.  They were there when we moved in, and they were nice and sturdy, but...

This is where the shelves were this morning when, on my way out the door as I left for work, I mentioned in passing to my husband that I would really like him to move them to the guest room closet sometime.  No hurry. 

I wonder if I was out of the driveway before he had the tools out?  Sometime I really need to do a blog post about the theory that opposites attract, because that man is a do-it-now dude, and I am a procrastinating Pearl.

When I got home tonight, I walked right through the laundry room without even missing them.  He had to tell me that they were already installed in the closet...see?  Awesome, huh?

I am tickled pink to have a space that is less public to use for organized storage.  The closet already had the tall built-in shelves in the center and up high on each side.

And it still has plenty of room to hang out-of-season or guests' clothing.

So one last look at the laundry room:
I'm thinking it needs a makeover in the near future.  Maybe I should mention THAT to my husband.

Stay tuned.


  1. I have the same issue with my laundry room - everybody uses that door to come into the house, rather than the front door! Drives me mad!

  2. My laundry room is so tiny,I have room envy xx.


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