Monday, December 30, 2013

Time for some changes...

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I gave two-weeks' notice at my job today.  Not without some sadness, because it has really been a great job with the best boss in the world.  However, it has taken a toll on me physically, working long hours with a long commute.  I have gained weight being so sedentary, and being too tired to shop/cook healthily.  I have lost a little of the weight gain since Kasey moved in and has been cooking for us, but I need to have the time and opportunity to work on it.  Exercise?  Fogeddaboutit.  It's dark when I leave in the morning, and dark when I get home at night.  

There are also some other considerations that are still under wraps for the moment.

I am reverting back to my previous on-call status, though I won't be working as much or as regularly as I did before going full time.  I equate the new status to substitute teaching...any branch in the vicinity can call me when they need somebody, and I fill in if I'm able.  That allows for a lot of flexibility (read: few work hours), while still being able to claim a current employer.

It's kind of scary.


  1. It's a good time of year to be making changes, Kathleen - do hope 2014 brings you and yours everything you wish for.

  2. wow you are starting the new year out with a bang.....hoping you haven't had to get called in much this anxious to see what you has transpired since then


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