Sunday, December 29, 2013

Short catch up...

This year it was Chloe that missed out on getting her two front teeth for Christmas.  Last year was her sister's turn.

It has been a very laid-back month, what with all the time off I've had with the shingles and vacation that needed to be used by the end of the year.  Not much to blog about...or rather there is, but I can't really make it public yet...probably tomorrow... 

So instead of writing, I've done some consolidating, and neatening on my blog pages.  I moved all my annual reading lists into one.   Getting ready to do a final update on the 2013 goals.  ugh.

My keyboard is really acting up.  Cursor skipping all around, not fun or easy to type.  I wonder if I should see about getting it serviced.

Feeling antsy.  Making lists. Stocking up on hugs.

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