Friday, July 1, 2011

Someday my prints will come...

The industry I work in requires employees to be fingerprinted.  I had it done ten years ago when I was hired.  Seven years ago I decided to leave the company, but shortly thereafter I was approached about going back part time.  Since the lapse was so brief (less than thirty days) I was not required to go through the hiring process again and be reprinted.  Earlier this week I was notified that that was an oversight, and I would have to give my prints again.

In the interim, technology has changed.  Now they want digital prints, which entailed a trip to the city.  I spent an hour placing my fingertips on what looked like a small scanner's glass top over and over again.  Though the prints often showed up on the monitor very clearly, they were frequently rejected by the program.  It was frustrating for me and for those attempting to capture the prints (three security company employees in all).

In the end, we all gave up.  We got the majority of digits digitally, but a couple were unsatisfactory prints.  The supervising technician decided to submit them 'as is'.  I was notified today that they were accepted by the FBI and the I get to keep my job.

My question is this:  does law enforcement use this system to fingerprint criminals?  Sheesh. I was a willing participant and doing everything possible to help in the process.  If someone is unwilling and hostile, how could this method ever work?


  1. Personally, I think all the glue that our fingers have encountered, not to mention Liquid Glass has altered our prints! It's a conspiracy, I tell ya! haha

  2. I got a NEXUS pass last year... It's suppose to make it easier to go back and forth accross the US Canada border.. That's the way they did our fingerprints... they got my husbands first try.. no problem.... Mine same story as you.. because I work with my hands they said my prints have essentially worn off.. 3 people two different scanners.. not sure mine were ever acceptable but the computer suddenly decided it had enough and accepted me!

  3. Terri, that's funny. I joked with the tech that if my company fired me, maybe I should consider a life of crime at this rate.

    Lynne, that is so interesting! It occurs to me that my husband had to get a new travel doc within the last couple of years, I'll have to remember to ask him how it went for him, because he's always saying he has no traction on his fingertips due to all the chemicals etc he works with.


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