Thursday, July 28, 2011

A willing student...

Last weekend while the little girls were visiting we worked very hard to keep them entertained...and they managed to keep us entertained with no effort whatsoever.  Like when I prepared Swedish meatballs...a dinner I was pretty sure they would like.  We were about half way through the meal when Caitlyn says, "This is a really good dinner, Grandma.  Just like at my school cafeteria."  Carey and I almost choked on our meatballs.

Caitlyn has been asking recently to learn how to knit. I was about her age when I asked my mother to teach me to knit. My mother wisely steered me first toward something that my 5yo hand-eye coordination could be successful with. She took me to the fabulous craft department of Litchenstein's Department Store in Corpus Christi, where we chose a needlepoint project and I was given lessons by their staff. I felt very grown up.

So while she was spending the weekend, I pulled out some plastic canvas and yarn and headed her down the path to a crafty life.  We set it aside when she got bored, and went back to it later.  I love the look of concentration she has above.

And the look of happy accomplishment in this one.

We'll get around to knitting one day.

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