Thursday, June 30, 2011

For what it's worth...

Here's a crazy little household tip for you.

Why do I keep empty toilet paper tubes in my laundry cabinet, you might ask.  Well it's for a very good reason that I stumbled upon when I was making firestarters as a Christmas gift.  I was trying to collect as much lint as quickly as possible and stuff it into the empty tubes so that I could wrap them up and put them under the tree.

I accidentally discovered that holding the tube perpendicular to the filter and running its open end over the filter would remove even the smallest amount of lint.  The photo above is the lint from a load of towels...that's easy to get off with just your hand...but there are some loads that produce very little lint, and this tip works like a charm on those.  (Yes, I follow the manufacturers' direction to clean the filter after every dryer load.)

Since I've never heard this tip anywhere before, I decided to share it here.

In the summer I toss the tubes in the trash when they are full of lint. In the winter they can be kept near your fireplace to use when building a fire.

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