Friday, July 29, 2011

Just chillin'...

These (and about this many more of their friends) are hanging out in my fridge till Saturday.  Yikes!

One of the special treats for the girls last weekend was driving through Starbuck's for a cake pop.  Chloe loved it.  Caitlyn not so much...she took a bite and gave the rest to Chloe.  But since Chloe DID like them (she asked to go back to Starbucks the next day, but I had to disappoint her), and it is HER birthday party on Saturday, I made these for her using the Bakerella recipe and instructions.

I also have two dozen cupcakes in the freezer waiting to be decorated. feels so good not to be doing all this at the very last minute!


  1. Has it cooled off there at all? We got 20 mm of rain last night .8 inches... So I won't have to bucket water my flowers today!

    Hope you have fun at the birthday party!

  2. You are so organized! I usually procrastinate and then am scattered and frantic! You'd think I'd learn! By the way, those cake pops look delicious!

  3. Lynne, it is over 100 degrees F. and the drought is still on us. The tropical storm that held some hope of bringing rain quickly fell apart as soon as it made landfall, so we got nothing from it. Everything is BROWN. Watering at this point is just for the trees to try to keep them from getting too stressed.

    Vicki, I am usually working at the last minute or straight through the night. My mother always said, 'Honey, your cake will always be the freshest one at the bake sale.' :) But since I had never made the cake pops before and wasn't sure how time/work intensive they would be, I didn't want to wait till the last I took the day off of work to get it all done! LOL


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