Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The big event...

Last month we had a wedding in the family.  A really wonderful, much celebrated wedding where our daughter, Kasey, wed her love, Beau.  Today I picked up the photos.  (I am truly blessed that one of my dearest friends is an awesome photographer.  What would I do without you, Drew?)

Chandler was his father's best man.  Bobby and Diego gave their mother away.  Caitlyn and Chloe were the bride's attendants.

It was pretty fabulous.

When they were pronounced man and wife, Chloe showed us all how she really felt about it.  And I was doing the same thing on the inside.

They're pretty cute together.  They're good partners and good parents.

They have our blessing. 

They are blessed.


  1. What a beautiful setting, wedding AND family Kathleen! YOU are blessed as well!

  2. That I am, Terri. That I am.


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