Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday's snail mail...

card front

I like trivia; and I like to pass it on.  This is one of my magazine trivia cards.  I'm not really a magazine buyer except for my one subscription to Real Simple.  But twice a year or so one will call my name at the grocery checkout.  Usually they are the kinds that deliver tips or facts as stand-alone tidbits sprinkled throughout.  If I'm in a card-making mood when I'm ready to toss it in the recycle bin, then I cut out the good bits.

The card above is for my friend who is a science teacher.  I knew I wanted to make one of these cards for her when I found a beautiful magazine page of animal and insect drawings with their names in old script underneath their pictures...I layered them on cardstock and put some of them on the front of the card, some on the inside and back, and one on the envelope.

card inside

The inside isn't really pretty.  It includes some inside joke/teasing, some factoids, and a silly riddle.

card back

This is kind of a reader's digest of trivia.  Just to share for the fun of sending/receiving snail mail.

I also sent a store-bought birthday card this week (with a hand-written letter tucked inside).  The recipient texted me this morning to let me know it arrived on time.  That's probably the first time in about twenty years I've gotten hers to her on schedule.

accountability stats:  7 weeks / 14 cards

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